Coach Milo

Strength & Conditioning / Co-Owner

Milo’s passion for sports began at a very young age. While growing up in the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California, he mimicked his older brothers in the sports they played. This grew into a love of all sports that helped Milo develop proper athletic movements at a very young age. As a youth, Milo participated in track and field, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and swimming. At the same time, he discovered other passion – breakdancing – that helped keep his athletic movements fluid. He joined a dance group that performed in local venues, and he kept dancing through his college years. He also continued his athletic career through college, playing basketball, football, and baseball in high school, and playing basketball and running track in college. He later found an additional passion in MMA fighting and trained in the sport for several years.
Milo eventually had two daughters who share his love of sports. This has led to over 13 years of coaching fast-pitch softball, through which Milo found a new passion in helping young women become better athletes and earn athletic scholarships. To further assist these athletes, Milo decided to learn more about the science behind athletics and become a certified trainer specializing in athletic movements. Milo is certified by Ignite360, M.E.T. (Movement Efficiency Training), and I.Y.C.A.(International Youth Conditioning Association). He has studied with some of the top trainers in the world and, as an athlete who has excelled in many sports himself, he understands firsthand the value of these training methodologies and their practical applications on the field. His love of sports also drives him to help others succeed in their chosen athletic paths.
Through his coaching experience, Milo discovered that many athletes focus only on one sport from an early age, which often leads to the ability to execute athletic movements in only one specific way. As a result, Milo developed the CAPE (Complete Athletic Performance Engineering) Method® of athletic training. This unique method focuses on the mastery of athletic movements across different sports and situations to create well rounded athletes and individuals. Emphasis is placed on proper body mechanics, core strength, and a healthy mindset.
In addition to private training for individual athletes and teams, Milo offers fitness classes for all skill levels of the general population. He currently teaches these classes for one of the largest employers in Los Angeles as part of its Employee Wellness Program, which he finds especially gratifying; he enjoys hearing how the workouts have improved participants’ overall health and ability to accomplish day-today tasks.

Coach Chuy

Boxing Coach

Coach Chuy brings his boxing knowledge of ​30 years to CAPE Fitness with his JG Boxing Team.  His team consist of amateur and professional boxers.  He shares his knowledge with our Adult boxing class as well and creates an amazing workout!

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